It has just perhaps been made easier for people to backpack in New Zealand due to a website that displays temporary jobs available for backpackers. Backpacker Job Board New Zealand follows a sister site in Australia which has been going now for some time and met with great success. The idea is that backpackers that would like to do some temporary work in order to keep backpacking longer or further, need now only look in one place to find any openings that there may be. This also of course helps employers to find the temporary staff they need. Although the type of work which is most common on these job boards are along the lines of fruit picking, many other opportunities do appear from time to time, some of which may be ideally suited to a particular backpacker.

Of course the whole idea of backpacking is to travel and see the world on a budget and so a backpacker will travel as far as they can on their limited budget. This means that they may have to hike, hitchhike or use public transport a lot but many say that that just adds to the adventure. It is because the backpackers use these modes of transport that they have gotten their name; backpacks are the ideal way to carry your belongings whilst hiking, or when using public transport for that matter.

Backpacking started to become popular in the 1960s and 70s when hippies would make their way along the Old Silk Road to South East Asia and in fact this route became so popular that many people still today call it the Hippie Trail. Although at that time South East Asia was the destination for most backpackers, parts of Europe, South America, Central America, Australia and New Zealand have now also become popular destinations for them. Although the original idea was to see how far you could go with your limited budget, some backpackers today tend to see how long they last on their limited budget but either way, many like to top up their finances by working whenever possible. Obviously as their style of travel did not allow for definite dates to be somewhere, finding work weeks or days in advance was difficult to do. However, now that there are job boards specifically for backpackers, they may be able to find work from one day to another. Although backpackers may rarely know where they will be exactly a week from today, most will know where they are headed to tomorrow and so can look for vacancies a day or two ahead.

With the introduction of these specialized job boards, Australia and New Zealand may just have made themselves bigger targets for the many people who would like to give backpacking a chance but were afraid they may not be able to find work along the way to top up their funds. Both these countries though, do have a lot to offer backpackers in the way of adventure and new sights.